Only three sets of photos from this expedition are linked to from this page:

  1. Southern Study Area (SSA) near Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan
  2. Northern Study Area (NSA) near Thompson, Manitoba
  3. Churchill, Manitoba

You may prefer checking out these Flash-enabled slideshows instead:

  1. Southern Study Area (SSA)
  2. Northern Study Area (NSA)
  3. Churchill, Manitoba

Other sets of photos from the trip to the field sites or from the field sites will be posted elsewhere.

If you prefer a non-Flash version of this presentation, check out my original BOREAS expedition page.

NOTE ON THE MAP PROJECTION: The map above were produced using a Conformal Conic projection, which shows the surface of the Earth as if projected onto a cone. Conic projections are commonly used for mapping small portions of the Earth's surface. I give praise to Charles Culberson's excellent Versamap program which allows me to produce the base maps. They were shaded and annotated using Adobe Illustrator.

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