The vanishing forest -- Borneo

BorneoBORNEO, Indonesia -- Borneo has always seemed a mysterious place to me. The third largest island in the world is the home of the orangutan and gibbon, freshwater dolphins, hornbills, crocodiles, and leopards; of thousands of species of plants; and of ethereal forest people such as the Dayaks.

Borneo has a place in literature. It's treasures have been described in classic nonfiction works by Odoardo Beccari, Charles Brooke and Alfred Russel Wallace; as well as by modern writers, including Redmond O'Hanlon and Eric Hanson. The island was also featured in the fiction of the master, Joseph Conrad.

The island has vast wealth, unfortunately, its greatest wealth -- of its bountiful natural resources -- is being depleted at an alarming rate. I am glad I was able to see a part of it before it is destroyed, but I was also a witness to the destruction.

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[SE coast] [Thunderheads] [Wanariset 1] [Wanariset 2]
SE Coast Thunderheads Wanariset Wanariset
[Buttresses] [Coring] [Balikpapan] [Balikpapan]
Buttresses Coring Balikpapan Balikpapan
[Balikpapan] [River Town] [Distant Mosque] [River]
Balikpapan River Town Mosque River
[River] [Mangrove] [ITCI HQ] [ITCI HQ]
River Mangrove ITCI Housing
[ITCI compound] [Camp1] [camp2] [Forest1]
Compound Camp Camp Forest edge
[Forest1] [Forest2] [Forest3] [Logging]
Forest Forest Forest Logging
[Log toad] [Yance] [Wood plant] [Graded wood]
Logging road Yance Wood plant Graded wood
[Log yard] [Log yard] [Loading zone] [Outpost]
Log Yard Log Yard Loading zone Outpost
[Dock] [Barge] [Freighter] [Sunset]
Dock Barge Freighter Sunset

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