Baby flying fox

BOGOR, Indonesia -- The guy who ran the Wisma Ramayana guest house, where we stayed in Bogor, was taking care of a baby flying fox (Pteropus vampyrus). The man planned to release it when it was old enough to take care of itself. Here the creature peaks out from the leaves of a Ficus.

Baby flying fox

From my field notebook

Thursday, March 14, 1996

Indonesia: Java: Bogor: Paul has received favorable responses form Willie Smits (TROPENBOS), Abbas Adhar and Suwardi Suwasa (ITCI), and Richard Lindsay (of the forestry concession on Sumbawa). So Borneo and some of the Nusa Tengarra [sic] are on the list. We should be busy. Paul is talking of leaving for Bali tomorrow, but maybe we should wait to see what I can find out today. I doubt I'll have time to research sites and see the trees in the botanical garden in one day. I think I'll head to the herbarium first.

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