Bogor Botanical Gardens

BOGOR, Indonesia -- Speaking of Bogor being one of the rainiest places in Java, this photo was taken on a misty, overcast day at the botanical garden.

Bogor Botanical Garden

From my field notebook

Saturday, March 16, 1996:

Indonesia: Java: Bogor: Let's back up. I went back to the library to get a copy of the "Concise Plant Geography of Java." I got the right pages this time. I prowled around their stacks, but didn't find much. primarily because I didn't have a clue of what to look for. As I left I noticed that the doors of the Herbarium Bogoriense were open, so I invited myself in. I met the director, who was busy, but he told me to come back on Monday and gave me the name of someone to talk to, a Dr. Irawati. I left Dr. Mogea (the director) and spoke to Dr. Nasution. He told me about the PHPA office and library, and a little about Sulawesi and Ceram [Seram]. He was yet another pleasant person to talk to.

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