Bogor Botanical Garden

BOGOR, Indonesia -- The channel of the river that runs through Bogor Botanical Garden is now constrained, but the changes were probably necessary to prevent erosion of the park. Bogor is one of the rainiest places in Java. The channel does not prevent monitor lizards from prowling the grounds, as can be seen in other photos on this site.

Bogor Botanical Garden

From my field notebook

Saturday, March 16, 1996:

Indonesia: Java: Bogor: I think Paul's right. We should probably go to Balikpapan first, then Sulawesi, then. . . [Ellipses in original text] Paul and I talked things over this morning. We now have a plan and a time budget. We are going to Borneo first (hopefully on Tuesday the 19th) and expect to spend two weeks there (including travel time). Then two-three weeks on Sulawesi. This puts us at about April 20, and we'll probably split up. Paul and Rachel will go to Sumatra with Yves Laumonier, and I'll go either to the Nusa Tengarra [sic] or the Moluccas before leaving for Hawai'i. . . [Ellipses in original text]

Check out PHPA on Jl. [Jalan] Juanda 15 next to main gate of botanical garden.

I talked to a Dr. Rusdy Nasution at the Herbarium. He said we could find low-elevation Agathis in Morowali Forest Preserve in the S part of Lore Lindu park at about 300 m.

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