Javanese landscape by train

ON A TRAIN BETWEEN BOGOR AND JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Probably the best way to see the Javanese landscape is by train. Between Bogor and Jakarta, what you see is a mix of homes and gardens.


From my field notebook

Monday, March 18, 1996:

Indonesia: Java: Bogor: Yesterday, a Mr. Umar shangaid [sic] me at the botanical garden and led me on a tour. It was quite informative, but I probably won't be too useful in the field at identifying the trees. He told me of a teak plantation in Puncak Pass which may be reasonably old. Afterwards, Paul and I talked over Sulawesi and it seems wiser to concentrate on the teak plantation at Muna, off the SE coast of Sulawesi. My tentative schedule seems to be holding up. . .

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