Javanese landscape by train

ON A TRAIN BETWEEN BOGOR AND JAKARTA, Indonesia -- I pass another farm, but these tropical crops I don't recognize.


From my field notebook

Tuesday, March 19, 1996:

Indonesia: Java: Jakarta: . . . Travel agents on Jalan Jaksa don't handle train tickets, which turned into a real hassle yesterday trying to arrange travel to Denpasar. You have to go to the station (in this case Gambir) to get the tickets. It's all a confusing mess. Last night I booked up passage to Denpasar on a bus: This morning I booked three tickets on a Jakarta flight to Denpasar and cancelled the bus. I got the impression that buses here aren't like the ones in the States, with nice baggage compartments and all. Besides, the ride is extrememly long. I lost 10% on the bus tickets, but what the hell. We're much better off.

Garuda has a 30 kg limit on checked baggage, anyway, and the overweight charges aren't all that much.

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