ABOVE THE BANDA SEA -- Seram is part of the Molucca (or Spice) Islands. I never got the chance to go to New Guinea or the Moluccas while I was there. I hope to correct that someday. I believe this is the Bobot River where it flows into the Banda Sea.

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From my field notebook

Tuesday, March 12, 1996

Now I see Ceram [Seram] and the Gorong Islands. Oh, it's 0730 hrs. Jakarta time. The [Seram Sea and] Banda Sea [are] pretty shallow. I can see lots of reefs. This is on the N coast of Ceram. I can see Bemu (more or less) on the S. coast. Ceram and Ambon look sparsely inhabited. These maps I have don't do justice to the size of the archipelago. We've just passed over Ambon and still have 2-1/2 hours to go!

Banda Sea: 11,900 m altitude, WSW of Ambon: Saw Ambelau and Buru islands. May have gotten a glipmpse of Mt. Kaplamada (2,736 m). [Mt. Kaplamada is in the northwest part of Buru.]

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