Guanajuato-Querétaro Notebook

Guanajuato and Querétaro

We have left San Luis Potosí
now my field notebook continues in Quanajuato. . .

Tuesday, May 20, 1980

Tuesday, May 20, 1980. Mexico: Guanajuato: We entered the state of Guanajuato at 16,132.9 mi. a[t] 0835 hrs [CDT]. We're above 6,000 ft. now. (Approx. 6,300 ft.) At 16,180.1 mi., we're approx. 6,400 ft. high. At 16,181.5 mi., we're about 6,500 ft. high. We passed a roadblock at 16,183.1 mi. Those dudes had guns. They let us through, and we didn't hang around to find out what was going on. At 16,186.1 mi. we reached 6,600 ft.

Mexico: Guanajuato-Querétaro state line: We crossed the state line at 16,189.3 mi. at 1000 hrs. We reached Querétaro at 1035 hrs. At 16,248.8 mi. we reached 6,600 ft. The skies are partly cloudy and hazy. THere is some wind. At 16,252.l7 mi we hit the toll booth and 6,700 ft. The temp is warm. At 16,254.2 mi., we passed into the state of México.

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