Sugarcane Field

VICINITY OF EL ENCINO, Tamaulipas, Mexico -- We found a lot of sugar cane farms scattered throughout the Coastal Plain of Mexico. This one was just east of the Sierra Madre Oriental north of El Encino. Along one road we found a lot of dried cane that had fallen off trucks carrying the sugar to mills. It tasted damn good, but we had to surrender it at the border.

Somewhere, in the mountains in the background of the photo below, lies some of the northernmost cloud forests in North America.

Cane Field

From my field notebook

Thursday, May 29, 1980

Tamaulipas: Mante. 17,704.8 mi -- We head N on Mex. 85. We pass thru Mexicali at 17,704.8 mi. A[t] 17,711.8 -- we passed over the Rio Sabinas. We passed through El Encino at 17,719.8 mi. We pulled off Mex. 85 onto some unidentified raod that ran into a sugar feild [sic]. We collected some. We got one Sceloporus variabilis. We saw some chachalacas. The area was a transition zone between tropical deciduous and tropical thorn forest, with a sugar cane feild [sic] thrown in the middle.

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