Lizard Lair

VICINITY OF ANTIQUO MORELOS, Tamaulipas, Mexico -- We drove through the much of the night on our final run back to the United States, stopping a little after midnight to camp in eastern San Luis Potosí. Later that morning, we entered Tamaulipas and drove until about noon, stopping to eat and collect.

I saw a huge lizard -- more than three feet long, in the cliff below, but when I told Don and Richard about it, they did not believe me. I pestered them until they followed me to the site, and they saw the lizard, too. We tried to catch it, but it did not cooperate.

Lizard Lair

From my field notebook

Thursday, May 29, 1980

Mexico: Tamaulipas: We entered the state of Tamaulipas [from San Luis Potosí] on Mex. 85 at 17,661.9 mi. We pulled off of Mex. 85 on the road to Las Flores to eat and collect. It is warming up. We're in a tropical thorn forest. The camp is at 17,662.1 mi. We got one Eumeces, one Sceloporus, and seven Cnemidophorus. We leave at about 1415 hrs. [CDT]

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