MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas, Mexico -- We rolled into Matamoros after midnight, hoping to cross the border quickly and go home. Events did not follow our plans, as can be seen in the excerpt from my field notebook below. This is shortly after sunrise in Matamoros as we waited to contact some Mexican offiicals to get some paperwork they forgot to tell us about.


From my field notebook

Friday, May 30, 1980:

Tamaulipas: Matamoros. We somehow got the wrong address for the office where we have to go to get that piece of paper signed. We went to the U.S. Consulate and the found the address for us. We find the office, but it isn't open yet. We wait for it. We find out about 3 stops later that all we had to do was to go to the Mexican Customs Office (at the border). I wish we'd have known that earlier. The knowledge could have saved us a lot of time, gas, and money.

Guess what?? We have to go to Reynosa because some poor, dumb Mexican S.O.B might get embarrassed if we don't show up. I'll skip the details. We leave the U.S. Customs at 17,799.7 mi and take U.S. 83 N. We arrived in Reynosa at 1510 hrs. The official showed up 40 minutes late, but he signed the papers, but we still had to wait until his brilliant secretary brouth the official stamp back from his {secretary's) house to the office. We left at 1815 hrs.

Texas: Hidalgo County: MacAllan [sic]: U.S. Customs Office. We fortunately got a breif [sic] inspection here.

NOTE: The peice [sic] of paper that we needed to get signed was an exportation certificate. We went to the Subsecretaria Forestal Y Fauna, Direcion General de Fauna Silvestre, Subdirection Tecnica, or the Officina de etc., etc., in C.D. Reymosa [sic], Tamaulipas.

We picked up U.S. 83 E in Macallan [sic], and headed for Brownsville. We finally had everything that we needed when we arrived at the U.S. Customs in Brownsville. We got to leave (with specimens) at 2040 hrs at 18,140.2 mi. We took U.S. 77 N out of Brownsville. . .

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