Travels in Colorado

I have been traveling to Colorado off and on for more than 20 years -- most of my travels there have been connected with field courses, scientific meetings, or research expeditions.

I have just begun to scan in photos from my travels in Colorado. As with the rest of my projects, this will take time to finish, but I felt compelled to post what I have.

Map of ColoradoBlanca Massif

My first visit to Colorado was in 1982 (I think), on a field course to the Chiricahua Mountains in Arizona, and the Jemez Mountains in New Mexico. On the way from the Chiricahuas to the Jemez we visited Mesa Verde National Park in Southwestern Colorado.

I made another trip in 1984 to attend a field workshop at the Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research's Mountain Research Station near Nederland. After the trip, I made my first attempt at doing a master's thesis project -- a study of the forest geography of the Blanca Massif region in the northern the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. That expedition didn't go well. I made numerous mistakes while doing my field work in the Blanca Massif, and I made other mistakes afterward. While frustrating, the expedition proved an invaluable source of experience that has saved me on expeditions afterward.

My last trip to Colorado was in 1992. I attended another field workshop, one of the North American Tree-Ring Fieldweeks, at the Mountain Research Station. Afterward I drove west across Colorado in order to meet my wife in Salt Lake City for a trip through the Northwestern states and Canadian Rockies.

The photos that follow -- from my time in the Blanca Massif, -- will, I hope, whet your appetite for more. (I wish I had more photos to work with from Blanca, but much of the undeveloped film -- in black and white -- was in fact eaten by one of my dogs.)

NOTE ON THE MAP PROJECTION: The map above was produced using a Conformal Conic projection, which shows the surface of the Earth as if projected onto a cone. Conic projections are commonly used for mapping small portions of the Earth's surface. I give praise to Charles Culberson's excellent Versamap program which allows me to produce the base maps. They were shaded and annotated using Adobe Illustrator.

Blanca Massif

Click on a thumbnail to see the full image:
North View Wast Ridge West Ridge Bowl
North View East Ridge West Ridge Bowl
Kilauea Crater Kilauea Crater Kilauea Crater Mauna Loa -- Mesic Forest
High Plateau Narrow Path No Farther Upper Valley
Mauna Loa -- Mesic Forest Mauna Loa -- Koa
High Road Blanca Peak

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